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Trussville Cigar Company - Cigar Shop | Trussville, AL output Premium cigars

Savor the taste of the highest quality premium cigars

We carry top brand names

Whether you are a novice or an expert, we have the perfect cigar for you. When you visit our store, you'll always receive personal attention and be treated with respect. Our premium cigars are always fresh and ready for you to relish.

Save money with our cigar bundles and boxes

When you buy our premium cigars in bulk, you'll save money. Whether you share them with your friends or save them for a special occasion, having extra cigars always comes in handy.


We also offer a selection of cigar accessories to go along with your newly purchased premium cigars.

Relax with a cigar outside our store

The perfect way to smoke your new cigar is to enjoy it with fellow cigar enthusiasts at our outside smoking area. This area is located right outside the store and includes a fire pit and a grill. Come relax and enjoy a fine cigar with some fresh grilled food.

We offer military, police and fireman DISCOUNTS. Call now!




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